An Interview with Scott Woods

*“But it’s really hard to learn and grow because the opportunities as a Black artist here are not significant. Part of that is there were never many Black venues. And largely white venues only booked certain types of things. You can be Black and play rock and still not get the rock club guild. And then you can’t go to the Black club if you don’t play the right music. Now it doesn’t matter because all the clubs are gone. You know? Or they all are jukeboxes. Getting to play live here is not what it used to be. Campus used to have venues all up and down the street, bars where you could play live. You could do a whole week of shows on campus, do it again and do it again. And all of those places are gone. And so Columbus just developed its culture, you know, the artistic culture out of itself. And it’s only largely interested in it now because it needs to sell.”*

Watch or [read the SLF’s interview](…/Scott_Woods_Transcript_C…) with Scott Woods, who has been working in Columbus, Ohio, for 20 plus years, developing its arts scene and culture.

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At our site (with transcript):…/scott-woods/

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