Failures of Executive Function

Oh, good, now I have TWO complete failures of executive function in the last six weeks, and I can beat myself up endlessly debating which one was worse:

a) the time I taught an entire 45-minute Zoom lecture on Things Fall Apart and A Small Place — to the WRONG CLASS, because I’d gotten the class times mixed up. (Note that none of the half-dozen or so students attending class that day spoke up to tell me that um, they hadn’t read the books I was referencing…sigh.)

b) the time I completely forgot about the library board Zoom meeting, even though I’d read the board packet thoroughly over the weekend, sent the director notes on it, and told Kevin in the morning that I’d be doing it that evening (this evening, because of course, this JUST happened) — and because I was dutifully trying not to be online all the time, and was doing watercolor painting class with Kavi and then watching Dr. Who with the family, I didn’t see my board president’s gentle nudge asking if I was planning to join…

…sigh. Here. Have some watercolor planets. (The lesson was to experiment with different effects you could get by using different colors, inks, salt, etc.) That’s apparently all I’m good for right now.

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