Podcast Questions

Okay, so I have podcast questions:

a) If I use Zoom to have a conversation with Benjamin Rosenbaum, and set it to record, is it possible / easy / straightforward to strip out the audio track for a podcast, or should I record that separately at the same time?

b) Is it silly to even try to use Zoom for this, given that I’m not sure we’d ever put the video up? I was just thinking that we might have better audio interaction if we could see each others’ faces. Is that goofy? (Would particularly love to hear from folks with experience in this realm.)

c) What would you like Ben and me to talk about, should we do a rather free-form podcast? I mean, speculative fiction yes, and cross-cultural stuff yes, and the grief and stress of delayed book launches, and writing habits / practices, and how we’re surviving coronavirus, obviously will all come up. But if there’s anything else specific, let me know.

d) Um, how hard is it to do a call-in show? I feel like that would be potentially fun, but I’m not at all sure how one manages the logistics if you’re not in a studio (and Ben and I are actually in separate countries; I’m in the U.S., and he’s in Switzerland.)

e) What am I not thinking to ask?

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