Masks for Treat Boxes

This morning’s sewing was space masks, going out in the treat boxes for tomorrow. I’ve discovered that Jane Austen movies make EXCELLENT company for sewing masks — there’s something that’s just perfect about them.

Partly it’s the reliance on witty dialogue, so you can listen to that while looking at what you’re sewing, and just glance up occasionally for a pretty dress or a particular speaking glance. Partly it’s that there are forever people falling desperately ill — perhaps a little too close if you actually have people who are sick right now, but if you don’t, then it helps keep you on task. Partly it’s that I’ve seen them before, so it’s okay if I’m a little distracted and miss a bit. I commend them unto you. I watched Pride & Prejudice all day yesterday (the mini-series version) and Sense & Sensibility this morning, both on Hulu.

Now I’ve started on Jane Eyre, which you know, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually read. I knew the rough outlines of the plot, and I wasn’t sure I was in the mood for something with that much darkness in it, but it’s actually working really well for me, in large part because Dan Percival told me recently that my novel was a gothic, and I said what?!, and he explained why and I said oh, of course, it’s absolutely a gothic, how did I not know that I was writing a space gothic?

So now I’m watching Jane Eyre, and thinking about how I want to go into the next revision of this book (soon, I think, as soon as this next batch of masks is done, so hopefully by Tuesday if not before) with that in mind, and I think it might work very well. Recommendations for other good gothics I can watch while sewing would be welcome. 

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