Subscription Box: March

Spent a few minutes this morning on the subscription boxes for Patreon. I’m pretty sure I can fit two chocolate bars, one set of sweets in a box, one chapstick, one little bag of bath salts, one little bag of curry powder, and a few postcards in there. Maybe a poem too, and/or a little floral bookmark?  Not a bad deal for $30, right, shipped right to your door?

This batch will go out in March — probably pretty early March; I just have to make the second batch of chocolate bars, and I think I know what they’re going to be. Then there’ll be another batch in June. I’m at 11 subscribers right now, and I’m capping it at 25 for now, to make sure I don’t exceed my capacity for actually making them.

You probably want to wait until April to sign up, because otherwise it’ll end up costing you $40 instead of $30. But we might hit cap before that, so it’s a bit of a gamble, sorry! We’re going to try to figure out a better way to do this, maybe through Shopify, but for right now, Patreon is what we can manage, so it’s signing up monthly for a quarterly thing. Not ideal! Apologies!

(But it does mean that the people who signed up in February got a great deal, getting the March box for $20. Early adoption has its benefits…)

(US-only for now, sorry.)

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