Tiny beautiful video clip

Question — you know that gorgeous animation at the start of Game of Thrones? I adore that. I’m sure it took oodles of people working on it and masses of HBO money to put it together.

Now imagine an animation with that kind of feel, but much much simpler — a tall ship, setting off across a old-school portolan map, turning into a rocket ship and blasting off into space, maybe 1-3 seconds total. The elements could be done out of paper-cutting, or origami perhaps?

How hard┬áis it going to be for me to find someone to make a tiny beautiful video clip in that line for the SLF’s Portolan Project (we’re building out free creative writing instruction online, like the Khan Academy, but for writing), something we can put at the head of all of our video interviews?

Keep in mind that I’ll have to fundraise to pay for it, so am hoping to find someone willing to work at a reduced rate (maybe a student, a piece for their portfolio?) for a non-profit? I’m not actually even sure where to start looking for the people who can do this kind of work, or what the ballpark would be for cost.


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