SLF fundraiser for Akbar Shahzad, whose funding fell through

Folks, the SLF is starting a new project, which hopes to foster more international speculative literature, because we are in desperate need of diverse futurist visions — you’re going to hear a lot more about it a bit down the line, but right now, we’re kickstarting it a bit for a specific recipient, bringing a young award-winning SF writer from Pakistan to the U.S., to a futurist eco-focused SF convention.

Global exchange rates (in large part a legacy of colonial exploitation) make it prohibitive for many in the developing world to participate in American professional events.

Akbar Shahzad’s funding fell through, and we’re helping him raise the rest of what he needs to attend (and present on his panel) — yesterday, a generous donor covered the cost of his hotel, and small donations have added up to $300; we need about $800 more to finish purchasing his plane tickets. If you can chip in a few dollars (every bit helps), more details are here:

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