A wall of green, with a little color

The tropical plants that I bring in for the winter are mostly a wall of green, which works just fine for me in bleak January, a bulwark against the snow.


But by February, I’m longing for a little color, esp. pink.  I’ve tucked a Trader Joe’s orchid into one pot (still in its separate little plastic orchid pot holding orchid bark, so the roots don’t get too soggy when I’m watering the other plant’s soil), and have an Apple Blossom amaryllis (blooms almost as big as my hand!) opening up as well.

Both of them will be in bloom for at least a month, which should carry me through to March and mini daffodils. When they’re done, I’m planning to move them to the basement and try to figure out how to get them to bloom again next winter (they both should, if you treat them right, though I’ve never really tried before, so can’t promise anything.)

February pink! Beaming a little garden love out into the world…


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