Functional zones in the basement

I spent a few hours yesterday (some of it with Mary Rodes Dell keeping me company, which was super-helpful for powering through a huge, tedious task, thank you!) on reorganizing the unfinished basement.

This is a huge project — in the hurriedness of last fall, it got v. chaotic down there, all higgledy-piggledy, and then I decided that instead of just cleaning it up, I would take the time to really reorganize it into functional zones. I’m making progress, but it’s been many hours of work already, and it still looks like this for much of it, which is disheartening.

But see next post for some of the actual progress. I don’t know that I’m going to finish this week (because I also need to deal some e-mail in a similar state of chaos today, and doing more than a few hours of it at a time gets very tiring, with all the bending and lifting and such), but maybe? And if not, the week after that? Before the semester ends, dammit.

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