Mango Chocolates

Mango chocolates — I took dehydrated mango and crushed it in the food processor (thanks for the tip, Pooja Makhijani!), then stirred that into melted dark chocolate. Tasted it, good, but could use more punch — I added some amchur, Indian dried green mango powder. That brought nice tang to it, excellent choice. Still could use more mango (MOAR MANGO), so chopped up some dried mango and stirred that in too. Now we’re cooking! Mango-y goodness.

From that point it was was just pouring the chocolate into the pretty molds, and we could’ve stopped there and been happy. But why stop there? We decided to gild the lily and add a bit of edible gilt to the tops. I also did some in the half-round molds and drizzled white chocolate over those. Just ’cause. Making confections really is like playing sometimes.

The final texture was interesting — a bit of crunch from the larger pieces of dehydrated mango, along with the chew from the dried mango. I really liked how these came out, and they’re also Kavi-approved. I’m afraid I didn’t write down measurements this time, so I can’t give you a proper recipe — sorry! I will if I make them again.

Anand does say he likes fresh mango better; he’s the fruit addict in our household, even though he also loves sweets. You should see him go through a fruit bowl — it’s a thing of beauty. I probably agree with him, actually, but fresh, ripe mango is not always available in wintery Chicago, alas.

These mango chocolates are a pleasant though totally different thing.

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