Taking the lights off the roof

When I went out to take the Christmas lights off the roof, Kavi asked if she could come out too — I admit, I hesitated for a minute about letting her. But she’s taller than I am now, at age 12, so I said okay, but be careful. I do want to encourage her to be brave, even if it makes my mama heart quail a little.

So she climbed out the library window and walked around a little on the roof, holding my hand. Then decided she’d had enough and went back in again. I asked if she’d be ready to take over this job next year, and Kavi said maybe not *quite* that soon.

But she *is* getting more into photography, and I think she had a lot of fun taking photos of me moving around up there. I’m sure it looks pretty goofy, as I mostly do a lot of scooting around rather than trying to walk on a slope. 🙂

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