Two Sri Lankan cuisine questions

Two Sri Lankan cuisine questions:

a) I’m making seeni sambol buns and beef curry buns (mas paan) for the Bite Nite event on Friday. I’m thinking of using a food processor on the (already cooked) seeni sambol to chop it a bit, so the onions are a little less stringy in texture. Is that going to lead to disaster? I haven’t seen a recipe that calls for that, but I think it might be good. Thoughts? (In retrospect, it would be better to just finely chop the onions if you’re going to do that, but I didn’t think of that beforehand, and now the seeni sambol is made, so…)

b) Are there other common vegetarian fillings for these kinds of buns that I’m not familiar with? I have jackfruit, for example, and could make a jackfruit curry filling, or jackfruit and potato. I could also do chickpea curry. (I could do lentils, but I think I want something more savory and robust in flavor, with that tomato component, rather than a creamy coconut milk lentil in a bun.) Thoughts?

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