Well, except for blocking, but I’m not sure whether there’s really any need to block this kind of chunky seed stitch scarf. It seems pretty good as is. So maybe just done? It’d be nice to finish something — somehow it feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve finished anything.

That’s actually not true — I finish cooking things all the time, which is a large part of why I like cooking. My ADD brain LOVES instant gratification. I mean, LOVES LOVES LOVES AND KIND OF NEEDS it.

But I have multiple cooking projects in the works this week, in preparation for Bite Nite on Friday, so it doesn’t really feel like I’m finishing them right now, which is like many blinky lights in my brain, which is quite stressful. The house is also FULL of partially completed house projects, gah. And then there’s a semester of teaching we’ve just started, and of course, writing, with like 15 book projects on my board…

So let’s call this done, shall we? So much satisfying chunky goodness. I’ve never knit anything with such big needles before — it goes so fast! Maybe I’ll only knit chunky things on big needles from now on…┬á

In retrospect, I do kind of wish I’d made this scarf a little less wide, so that the end result (with one skein) was longer, but oh well. It’ll be just fine under the jacket I have in mind for it. I’m going to have my monthly writer-friend lunch with┬áLori┬átoday, so I think I’ll wear it out!

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