Trying “Jump Space” universe as a role-playing game

Local peeps, I’m trying something a little outside my comfort zone — I’d like to try my “Jump Space” universe as a role-playing game, with the triple goals of:

• developing it as a game for possible Kickstarting in a year or three
• helping me with world building and generally staying present in my SF universe (rather than getting too distracted by making crafty things, etc.), as I try to finish a draft of a big epic novel (series?)
• having fun playing a RPG with friends

The tentative plan is to model it on something like Benjamin Rosenbaum‘s Dream Apart ( — a diceless, masterless game, so closer to collaborative storytelling than a game, in some sense.

If you’d like to join us, the first session is tentatively scheduled for Saturday 2/8 @ 2 p.m., with roughly monthly sessions to follow. Let me know if you’re interested.

(For those who aren’t local, if this goes well, I may try running one online at some point. And/or releasing materials for people to playtest at home…)

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