Art! On the walls!

Okay, so this just makes me laugh. One goal of the rather intense holiday break clean-up efforts around here was to finally get all the art that’d been piling up in my office actually up on the walls.

I was amused when I realized this particular art piece, “Stay Wild,” would fit rather nicely in the garden-themed guest room, near the “Stay Awhile” sign over the mirror. I am not above the occasional bit of wordplay. 

I have another piece by the artist, “Jackalope,” which will probably go in the stairwell leading up to the kids’ rooms, which is full of art, mostly F/SF-ish. From Earthenwood Studio, art by Melanie Brooks:

(Much of her work is a little creepier than my tastes, but I like several pieces in the cryptozoology line.)

Art! On the walls! So exciting. Featuring a treasured print by Terri Windling (her “Sycamore Fairy”), a rather spooky piece I love from Lisa Snellings, and two pieces I bought for Anand’s forest-themed room on Etsy from an artist named Nakisha VanderHoeven. Anand decided on a space theme for his 10th birthday room re-do, so all the forest art was removed, and has wandered to different spots around the house. Since the guest room is garden-themed, I chose forest-y artwork for it.

Now we just need to finish cleaning the walls (the kids and Kevin have been hard at work with the Magic Eraser, because we’ve neglected our walls for oh, ten years, and the grubbiness was really starting to get to me), and then I can do what I really want to do, which is use stencils to add a little colorful detail here and there. Coming along nicely, though. 

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