Thanks to Jed for the lovely flowers. :-)

Thanks to Jed for the lovely flowers. 


• white hellebore (which can be planted out in the garden in the spring, and may return there as an early perennial if you’re lucky)

• lavender mini rose (finicky, but maybe this time I’ll be able to keep it alive for a while)

• dark pink cyclamen (note: this variety, persicum (aka ‘florist’s cyclamen), is for indoors-only; it won’t survive if you try to plant it out in the garden — for the garden, try cyclamen hederifolium (fall-blooming) or cyclamen coum (early spring-blooming))

• tall pink orchid (which should, in theory, return year after year if treated properly), and

• a tiny white kalanchoe (which will likely grow and grow and grow over time….)

I expect these to be in bloom for two solid months.

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