Kids and domestic labor

Just for the record, and so people don’t think it’s always mangoes and roses around here, I have been mostly furious / tearful for the last day or two around the kids & domestic labor.

It’s partly my own fault for swallowing my mild irritation for days / weeks / months; I hadn’t realized just how much the frustration was piling up. It exploded in a series of texts to Kevin this morning, and he is now working hard on getting the kids more thoroughly on board with their chore responsibilities around here.

I did want them to have a vacation over Christmas, and rest a little, but this is a particularly busy year for me, work-wise, and our family finances do depend on my working too. If they’re going to have a mama who works this much, and still want to enjoy a nice house and tasty meals, then they are going to have to pitch in more, or mama will LOSE IT.

They’re good, sweet kids, but LAZY. We’re working on it.

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