Working too hard, scheduling in rest days

Final grades are due at 5 today, so I’m going to switch over to finishing that shortly. Aside from that, I’m mostly still recovering from last week’s intensity. So tired!

The iOS version of Terraforming Mars coming out this week was actually helpful in making me sit still and rest for all of Monday, which I think was sorely needed, as I had quite a bad hacking cough which is mostly gone today, thankfully. (The solo game is really really hard and I have lost every time. I can mostly beat the computer consistently on Easy, though not by very much. Haven’t tried playing against people yet.)

Another day or two of mostly rest and I hope to be back to normal health levels and ready to start exercising again too. Exercise completely disappeared this semester, and it actually feels like a chicken-and-egg situation: lack of time leads to lack of exercise leads to getting sick more often leads to lack of exercise continuing…. The failure point was early in the semester, when I got busy and stopped running, didn’t start lifting again, etc. Need to bring both of those back, as playing Beat Saber on random occasions is clearly not enough to keep me in good condition overall.

I’ve just been working much too hard this semester, between:

– regular teaching job
– starting what is essentially a new business with the independent publishing of Feast
– continuing to get the SLF reset and moving forwards again, after a long interregnum of mostly quietness (aside from Malon Edwards’s 12 years of stellar work as grants administrator, which kept us active in that time, giving out $50,000 in grants, woo hoo!)

The e-mail backlog that Stephanie and I so successfully whittled down in September is now back up to over 1000 messages, all of which require actual action from me. Sigh. Going to try to clear a lot of them in the next two weeks; fun holiday break?

But I’ve hired more help, and I’m scheduling more rest days in — next semester, when I’m teaching MWF, I’m blocking out Tues / Thurs for no meetings, to make sure that I get some time for e-mail and reading and resting. If that means SLF stuff has to happen a little slower, I am trying to be okay with that. 🙂 Even though I want to do ALL THE THINGS right now.

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