Decking the Halls

Okay, I have trimmed many a tree in my life, but this is the first time I’ve spent the entire time singing “Deck the Halls” over and over while we were literally decking the halls. (Teaching Alexandra and Kavi the verses…)

It’s not Christmas until I make the trifle.┬á┬áMostly the same every year, but I added a bit of lemon curd this time around, which I think will be nice. And I was out of sherry, so it’s brandy. Mmm…

Peppermint bark experiments. We both like the swirls, but Kavi prefers the taste of the straight-up milk chocolate, and I prefer the taste of the dark chocolate / white chocolate combo.

Maybe there are enough sweets on the table, Mary Anne. The parents of the kids attending tomorrow may not thank you for this. Better switch to making savories at least…

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