Last chance to order before Christmas!

Last chance to order A Feast of Serendib before Christmas!

The last few days have been a whirlwind, between Kevin’s parents visiting, the last days of the semester’s classes (and the accompanying flurry of panicked student e-mails), starting to set up the holiday decor, and trying to get all the Kickstarter items (books and soaps and curry powder and sweets and cards) shipped out in time for holiday gifting.


I think we’re going to do it — pictured are the final items that we’re packing up this morning for tomorrow’s last big USPS pick-up, and there are just a few stragglers on my kitchen island that are waiting for addresses or other errata. Less than 5! In the last few days, I’ve had to make a few more batches of chocolate-covered passionfruit marshmallows, chai marshmallows, and milk toffee, but that’s fine, since I also need sweets for our big holiday party next Sunday.

I think today / tomorrow, I can also finish up the Small Business Saturday flash sale for soaps and books. I want to be sure that’s done before doing any more flash sales, just so I have a little peace of mind. 

But I do think we can squeeze in at least one or two more flash sales, and I can send out some more bath indulgences (and curry power / sweets if you’re in the U.S. — I can’t ship food internationally, sorry!)

Last shipping dates for Christmas arrival are 12/20 for contiguous U.S., 12/18 for Alaska / Hawaii.

International was 12/7 for guaranteed arrival in time, so I wouldn’t bet on it, but you might be okay for a few more days (esp. if you want to pay extra for fast shipping), so if you’ve just realized that a gorgeous Sri Lankan cookbook would be the perfect gift for your mama, aunty, uncle, boyfriend, etc., you can definitely order and take a chance.  We can always send you a digital copy to give them on Christmas morning, with the promise of a hardcover or paperback arriving shortly.

We have to update the Serendib Kitchen website with more accurate shipping info (it’s way underpriced at the moment, oops), so if you do want to place an order, or be notified for the next flash sale, just comment here, and I’ll ping you as soon as we’re ready?

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