Adorable space cats

Sripati and his brother do keep getting into it every once in a while, even though they also snuggle up all the time — hence the little scratch on his face. I’m hoping this is just adolescence (they’re just over a year old now) and these boys will grow out of it soon? Is there a surge of testosterone equivalent for male cats? Hang in there, #spacecats…hopefully it’ll all calm down soon.

Imperious Aryabhata with paperwhites. There’s a reason his nickname is Lion-Kitty. Tip for those living with cats and plants — museum wax is great for securing objects to surfaces; it holds them well, and then you just twist and pull a bit if you ever want to release them. Link to product.

“Mama! Yes, I know I’m ridiculously cute, but enough with the photos — I’m trying to SLEEP.”

Just one more of the spacecats…

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