Why do we sign up for this writing gig, anyway?

I got some disappointing writing news today, and I am bummed, people. Buoyed briefly by my writing group meeting tonight, which was distracting and energizing, because I’m mostly an extrovert, but then they left, and now I am back in my slump.

GAH. Why do we sign up for this writing gig, anyway? There must be better, more efficient ways to bang our heads into walls….

(The person who sent me the news is possibly reading this, so I hope they don’t feel bad about it; they¬†are lovely and it’s not their fault that this piece didn’t work for them. Or possibly for anyone. SIGH.)

My workshop is going to look at it in February, so I’m going to try to put it aside until then and not think about it too much.

The plan is to finish sending out Feast, write a few food essays, take a solid week to rest (even turning off social media), and then go back to the big SF novel, and try to finish a draft. This other thing — well, I can come back to it in February. No point dwelling on it now.

(Yet here I am, dwelling. SIGH.)

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