Body butter is amazingly simple

I didn’t quite believe body butter was as simple as the recipes online said, but yes, essentially, you buy shea butter and whip it with your hand mixer, and then you have body butter. That’s it.

You can get creative with it, of course. I ended up doing a blend of shea butter, mango butter, and rosehip seed oil, because I like the end texture better; I cut up the mango butter into pieces so it’d be easier to whip. Then added scent and color. But still, overall, amazingly simple.  My dry knees and elbows (and, oh, heck, dry everything else) appreciate it!

(Some of the containers in the picture are bath salts, which are even simpler — combine epsom salt and sea salt, add coloring and fragrance.)

I’m confused by the pricing — the unrefined shea butter I found on Amazon was about $16 / pound, which is a LOT. Bulk Apothecary is showing it for more like $5 / pound — I wish I’d found that before I started this experiment. Must comparison shop! I wonder if there’s a big quality difference?


Playing with shea butter. It’s kind of fun squeezing it into the container with a pastry tube — it ends up looking like squished clouds. 

This one is jasmine, rose & vanilla. Tasty!

(Don’t eat the scented shea butter.)


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