Mostly unscheduled, but feeling overwhelmed

Oof. Mostly unscheduled day (aside from a swim + lunch with Roshani), but I am not feeling relaxed; I am feeling overwhelmed with ALL the e-mail backlog PLUS the bulbs that desperately need to go into the ground AND ALSO the couple of teaching things I need to do BUT MOSTLY the Wild Cards story I still haven’t finished.

ALSO, I bought a lamp for the front room, and it was a pain to unpack and dropped styrofoam everywhere, and it totally won’t work there, what was I thinking? So now I have to repack it and return it and I don’t want to deal. I feel dumb that I didn’t realize it wouldn’t work a) before I bought it, or b) after I bought it, when I could still cancel it, or c) before I opened the package. I was hesitant about this one, and I should’ve trusted my instincts. Sigh. This is a very very minor problem, but still annoying. The last thing I need right now is to make more work for myself!

On the plus side, my tropicals are starting to recover from the transition back indoors for the winter, and it amuses me that this hibiscus is blooming right under my peacock lamp. It’s emphatically not the same as a fabulous trip back to sunny Sri Lanka for the winter, but it does make me laugh.

Okay — I think I need a to-do list to ease my stress:

– send students revised final paper assignment — DONE
– post little book contest — DONE
– pack another three dozen book orders — DONE
– walk & lunch with Roshani — DONE
– get groceries for making soup & pasta for tomorrow’s potluck / board games — DONE
– dig up gladioli and remaining dahlias — DONE
– plant remaining bulbs

– post George interview video (and send to reporter who requested it)
– post reminder about SLF fund drive

– post about the cool Pig + Fire Filipino Kamayan dinner I had last night at Lantern Loft
– trim and store dahlia and gladioli
– deposit checks at bank
– grade revised papers
– finish putting away my laundry
– finish cleaning out mudroom
– book gutter cleaning / window washing
– book yard work help
– schedule MRI? (probably nothing, but long delayed, should get it done; on the plus side, happy to note that the pelvic biopsy came back benign (attn: NavaratnasingamJed)
– talk to my dad about lawyer stuff
– clear all voicemails

What I really want to do is try making lip balm and body butter, since my supplies have arrived, but I am going to resist that until I check off at least a few things from this list!

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