Halfway to our goal for the SLF

Delighted to note that we’re now at $318 / month on the SLF membership drive! That puts us halfway towards our fall goal already, heading nicely towards financial stability and sustainability. 

Thanks so much, folks — I couldn’t do a hundredth of what I do without the support of this fabulous community!

If you can join us as a member ($2/month), we’d love to have you help us build a better science fictional future. 

Click the link, or donate on FB — whatever is best for you!


I’d also love to talk to you about larger donations, setting up grants (including memorial grants), stock gifts, matching funds from your employers, etc…


For much more detail on what we do, including our grants for writers, the new Portolan creative writing Project, and more, see this post:



Please like / comment / share for visibility! The algorithms are mysterious and esp. confounding for tiny nonprofits like ours who don’t have a lot of money to spend on ads!


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