iGov meeting

It is good that iGov meetings are held on the weekend, making it more possible for working folks to participate in government, and it makes some sense that they’re start at 8:30 and generally end by 9:30, because in a community with lots of kids, the kid sports, etc. activities are generally rolling fiercely by 10 a.m. on the weekends, but I must admit that I am not enthused about getting dressed and heading out the door in just a little bit. This coffee is only sort of helping.

(iGov is our intergovernmental org that has a few people representing from each of the local units of government, meeting periodically to keep informed on what everyone is doing and facilitate intergovernmental cooperation. This year, I serve on this in addition to my regular work on the library board.)

Y’all were so lovely to support me when I ran for office, and this, this is the result. (Thank you.  )

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