Lime soaps for Island Relaxation

I’ve been finishing up the soaps for the Island Relaxation package for Feast Kickstarter, which we will be shipping out VERY VERY VERY SOON. Last night, my writing workshop showed up as I was finishing unmolding these, and some of them were startled, I think, by how fabulous these look.

But let me just reiterate, these are SUPER-EASY to make. I’m just using melt-and-pour soap (half power in a microwave), add color and scent, pour and let solidify and unfold. You could do these with 5-year-olds. You could do them for stocking stuffers yourself. SO EASY. (And Stephanie, per our conversation the other day, it seems to work fine not to even cut them up first, so you can skip that step — just takes a little longer to melt.)

All the real artistry is in the molds, which are just gorgeous. I can’t figure out if I like the intricate details on the phoenix soap better, or if I prefer the perfect simplicity of the leaf-wrapped parcel. Both so good! This batch is lime-scented; I’ve been trying to use Sri Lanka-appropriate scents.

Mmm….tasty. (Don’t eat the soaps.)


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