We are go for liftoff!

We are go for liftoff! (I’ve recently started reading Mary Robinette Kowal‘s second lady astronaut book, The Fated Sky, and as a result, seem to want to pepper my speech with space travel lingo…)

Thanks to everyone who’s joined us as new members recently — the SLF has hit its first mini-goal of $125/month in support, and is accelerating nicely. Members are absolutely critical towards sustainable funding — having that steady support lets us actually make plans and be confident that we can afford to carry them out.

If you can join us this fall, please do — $2 / month will go a long way towards helping us bring the Portolan Project to life. Better science fiction and fantasy for all!

Join us: http://speculativeliterature.org/membership/

More about the SLF and the Portolan Project: https://www.facebook.com/speculativeliterature/photos/a.791475694210509/2864154963609228

(This rocket is for our annual goal — for the fall membership drive, we’re hoping to hit $625 / month. Totally do-able, right? Right!)

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