Sun salutations, and slowing down

Trying to habituate myself to exercise again after months away, but when you wake up to snow falling, putting on clothes to go swim at the Y is not appealing. I swear, I’d be in much better shape if I lived in Los Angeles. Of course, then I’d be stressed out from all the driving in traffic, which I can’t stand…

Anyway. I’ve just put some Y swim times in the calendar, in the hopes that I may motivate better next week. I thought they just had open / lap swim early morning and late night, but it turns out there’s a mid-morning time some days that might work for me. I’m guessing I won’t go today, but am committing to at least doing some sun salutations when I finish this post, and also playing at least 20 minutes of Beat Saber, which I can do from the coziness of my living room while the snow falls merrily outside.

Plan for today: Put house back in order (necessary after every trip, because while Kevin keeps the kids fed and schooled and slept, and even does dishes, he doesn’t prioritize neatness the way I do; I think it’s my ADD that makes it so hard for me to concentrate on work when it’s messy around me, and he has no problem thinking in a messy environment).

Alternate that with writing — I owe my local writing group something to read and critique for Wednesday — I’m hoping to get them 1-2 short food essays, so hopefully not too onerous to look at before then; we usually try to send out a week in advance, but I’m clearly not making that this time. And mostly, writing Wild Cards story. I have about 3000 words; I think this draft needs another 6000 or so, which is about 6 hours of work. I *have* written 8 hours straight in the past, but I do much better if I can write for an hour, do something else, write for an hour, do something else, etc. So that’s what I’m hoping for today.

One more change — the success of ‘no meetings Fridays’ has been so great, so helpful to my sense of calm and being able to manage my life, that I’m adding in ‘no meetings Mondays’ too. (This will have to switch around next semester, when I have a different teaching schedule.) It means that Tues / Thurs are pretty packed, with SLF and personal assistant meetings followed by teaching, and Wed is mostly my only day to meet with other people, but I think that’s okay. I think it’s good. We’ll see how it goes.

Overall, I’m trying to slow down my life a little bit right now. I’m producing plenty. It’ll be okay if I produce a little less, and a little slower, esp. if that means I can take care of my family better, and enjoy them more.

I turned on the sun lamp before doing today’s sun salutations, as it’s rather grey here today, so while it was nice having a little extra light, I did rather feel as if I were saluting technology, rather than the actual sun. 

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