Kavi helping with marshmallows

Sigh. Got lots done, but did not finish the Wild Cards story. I *hate* asking for another extension, but I have no choice. BAH, HUMBUG. Super cranky about that, esp. as the next few days are busy enough with teaching and meetings that I probably can’t get back to it until Friday.

On the plus side, I did draft a food essay and send it to workshop, the first floor is clean and organized again, and Kavi is now tall enough to reach down the marshmallow ingredients for me. She’s been helping to make a batch of passionfruit marshmallows that I need for tomorrow. She thinks she might be an inch taller than me now. Eep.

But I’m going to send her to bed now, because while mixing gelatin and passionfruit is something she can do, I don’t want her dealing with hot sugar syrup yet — esp. not when we’re both tired. At this point, I can ALMOST make marshmallows in my sleep…

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