Look at me accepting that I have limits!

You should all be proud of me. I thought it would be nice to do “kin song” as a letterpress gift. So I started googling for local artists who could do letterpress, but in the process, ran across letterpress kits. And you know I wanted to do it myself. So I researched costs, and it would actually cost about the same to get a kit as to pay someone to do it, and then I’d have a kit for other projects.

But BEFORE I could impulse-buy the supplies, I spent a little time reading about HOW to do letterpress, and it quickly became clear that there are all kinds of finicky things that could go wrong, and I’d probably end up doing a lot of prints before I got one I was happy with, so extra supplies, and then there’s all the actual time that goes into the learning process, not to mention the printing process, and I am TRYING to count my time rather than pretending I have infinite amounts of it.

I’ve finally accepted the realization that no, now is not the time to take up a new crafting hobby, and yes, I just want to pay a local artist professional to do this little project for me if I’m going to do it, and bonus, I get to support other artists in the process, which is great, but the important part is: THIS IS PERSONAL GROWTH, people.


It did take me a solid hour to work through that, though. 


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