Recruiting an SLF Transcriptionist Corps!

Here’s an ask. For the Portolan Project interviews, I’d really love us to offer transcriptions with all the audio / video interviews. Obviously, this is work, and in an ideal world would be paid. But we have almost no operating funds, so we can’t possibly pay for transcription, just as we can’t pay the interviewees yet (I’d like to pay them too, esp. the writers offering the craft instruction pieces), or the interviewers. All goals to work towards, but in the meantime, can we put together a corps of volunteer transcriptionists?

No professional experience required — if you can listen to 20 minutes and transcribe the text carefully, great. If you can check the work of someone who’s done the first pass, also great. If you can listen through it and assemble a list of book recommendations out of it (I’d like to attach a linked list to each transcription), also super-helpful. Please let me know if you’d like to join the SLF Transcriptionist Corps! (I can try to come up with a better name for it.) Comment here, or message, subject line TRANSCRIBE.


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  1. Here via copperbadge — may I ask what the Portolan Project is? There don’t seem to be any search engine results other than 1) back to this entry and 2) things that don’t seem related, and at a glance I don’t see any links to it on the SLF website.

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