I finally have energy to work again

I had an utter failure of will at 5 p.m. tonight (after working straight through from 7 a.m. or so). Even though I had so many things on so many deadlines (it’s an intense couple of weeks here), I just nope’d right out of it all and took a long hot bath (with bubble bath! and candles!) and then followed that with catching up on six hours of superhero TV + Grey’s Anatomy. This is not typical of me! I think the combo of fighting stupid little colds & work travel eating time just got to me.

It’s an hour past my bedtime, but I finally have the energy to work again, but after dealing with one urgent e-mail, I think I had probably best go to sleep.

Huh. 7 minutes until we stop taking orders for Feast Kickstarter stuff. That’ll be interesting! Maybe I’ll stay awake long enough to watch it tick over to midnight. 

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