A Feast of Time :-)

Good morning! Can I say, I am LOVING this new policy of no meetings scheduled on Fridays — I am SO GRATEFUL to whomever on Facebook suggested it to me. If I wanted, I could just hide in my shed all day. I’m ensconced there now, with the candles and incense and little space heater going, a blanket around my legs and this rose visible through the window. So cozy.
The plan for today is to work on SLF stuff in the morning, cook a nice black pork curry and some Sri Lankan red rice, maybe a cabbage sambal, then lunch with Roshani and Silvia, followed by a walk (look, exercise), and then either organizing the basement some more or writing fiction, depending on what I’m in the mood for. There’s also some laundry to put away. But it’s all very leisurely and after several highly-scheduled days, it feels like a feast of time. 🙂
Jed arrives at some point today (I seem not to have written down when) for a long weekend visit, and then we actually have very little scheduled for the weekend either — I think technically all I HAVE to do is shuttle the kids to three soccer games.
I get to complete Anand’s bedroom and the playroom re-org, maybe putter with a tiny home decor project in my own bedroom, maybe just lie around reading Le Guin (I’ve been re-reading Left Hand of Darkness for the umpteenth time, as I teach it to my lit. students).

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