Must-do-all-the-things feeling

Woke up with that panicky must-do-all-the-things-and-there-isn’t-enough-time feeling that makes it hard to concentrate. Deliberately took steps to settle it down — started the day with finishing off a little game of Polytopia from yesterday with my coffee and meds, then re-reading a little comfort Bujold while getting Anand and the animals and myself fed. Anand’s off to school now, and I’ve put some background music on.

Next is a list, I think, so I make sure to get everything done that I really do have to get done, interspersed with some less urgent but satisfying tasks. A break is already in the calendar midday, since I have my monthly lunch with a friend; otherwise, I’d try to schedule a deliberate break.


– buy and listen to some of the Celtic music recommendations people left for me, at least a month ago — DONE (I went with Flogging Molly, The High Kings, The Pogues, Young Dubliners, and Talisk)

– drop Kevin at train (poor baby, LONG work day) — DONE

– post Feast giveaway (EVERY MONDAY FOR THE NEXT MONTH! REMIND ME IF I FORGET!) (Pem Hessing) — DONE

– 10 check-in call with Heather — DONE

– cut some dahlias from the garden for the house, just ’cause — DONE

– reschedule personal training for me and the kids with Liz — IN PROGRESS

– finish dishes and clean-up of kitchen from Anand’s birthday party — IN PROGRESS

– talk to fundraising team and make sure SLF is set up to take recurrent payments on PayPal as well as payments on the OPRF Community Foundation site, in preparation for membership drive starting tomorrow. Find a rocket icon so we can track memberships. It will make my life infinitely easier if we can substantially increase memberships in the next month. — IN PROGRESS

– get a half-dozen perennials finally in the ground (!!!) and watered (!!!)

– lunch at Léa with Amanda

– read and send my students the readings for Thursday’s class visits from Deep Dish readers Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Jane Rosenberg LaForge. (REMINDER: Deep Dish is this Thursday, 7 p.m., Volumes Book Cafe! Free and fun!)

– post rest of Ireland photos, just to get them off my phone and off the task list, while listening to Irish music

– write piece for Donna (due today)

– hand-write recipe cards and place print order

– post about Plurality University and their Many Worlds Festival, which this Deep Dish reading will be participating in (hey, that means I’ll finally post the last photos from France too, cool)

– post Sri Lankan grilled shrimp recipe

– try to draft new opening to BIG SF NOVEL SERIES — if that goes well, send to writing workshop; regardless, send them something by 5, with apologies for lateness, maybe from garden memoir project. (LOOK! I GET TO WRITE TODAY! WHEE!!!)

– write up piece for SLF’s membership drive kick-off, to be posted tomorrow (OKAY if I actually write this tomorrow morning instead)


Writing it out helps.  Okay, let’s go. You can check back along with me through the day, as I mark things DONE. It’s like a drinking game, but with less alcohol — will Mary Anne actually make it through her list before bedtime? Will the children get something other than leftover party food for dinner, given that Kevin is working late on campus today? How long can they subsist on pizza and pumpkin pie anyway? We’ll find out!

(I know NaNoWriteMo is actually in November, but I never manage a novel in a month anyway, so I’m declaring it NaNoWritingSeason around here — hoping to finish a draft of my next novel by end of the year. Mostly posting this because this year’s poster is SO GORGEOUS.)

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