Plan for today

Moving very slowly this morning, in part because I worked such a long day yesterday, in part because I woke up an hour early for no good reason, in part because there’s a cat fast asleep on my lap. Oh well, I guess I’m supposed to sit in this chair and read for another hour.

I did do a *little* work this morning, asking for volunteers on the garden club group to help put together and maintain a local garden resource list. And cancelling one meeting it turned out I didn’t need to have, and turning another in-person meeting into a phone meeting (pajamas for longer, yay). But that hardly counts.

Plan for today — the painters are coming to paint Anand’s room for his 10th birthday, a lovely present from his grandparents. He’s chosen bright yellow walls and deep blue ceiling covered in glow-in-the-dark stars — the theme is Sunny Days and Starry Nights. Expect photos soon.

As for me, I’m hoping to mostly just power through more paperwork when I finally get going, and also, promote all the events. The first local Feast event is coming up this Sunday 9/29, 3-5 p.m., a sneak peek opportunity to buy some early release cookbooks at a new bookstore down on Harrison, Jake’s Place. Graphic coming soon. 

I’m a little worried that I haven’t promoted it enough, so locals, please do mark your calendars! Drag your friends along! I’m going to be making sweets (milk toffee with cashews today, I think, and may also knock off a tray of chocolate-drizzled passionfruit marshmallows), there’ll be a cook-off, it’ll be much fun, free to attend, no obligation to buy! It’s so sweet of Bill Fletcher and his partner to host this for my little indie-published cookbook — I’d love to pack the store for them. And who doesn’t love wandering through a bookstore on a Sunday afternoon….?

I also need to start promoting the little writing workshops I’m teaching starting in a few weeks at Oak Park Works — the ticketing page should be up today. (Thank you, Amanda!) There’ll be some FREE how-to-write-a-cookbook workshops as part of that, which will hopefully excite people. 

And of course there’s Deep Dish next week, which is going to be part of the Plurality University’s Many Tomorrows Festival, which I have to tell you all about. Soon, soon. Watch this space.

For now, though, maybe just a little more cat-napping & reading. Not quite ready to move yet…

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