The SLF is creating an interview project

NAME HELP NEEDED. Seriously, I can’t come up with anything, and I can’t do the membership drive that I’m supposed to start this week without a name. The SLF (Speculative Literature Foundation) is creating a BIG interview project in two parts:

Part 1 is short (15-30 min) craft interviews (audio and video) with established pros, where they talk, in a focused manner, about a topic. So far we’ve recorded George R.R. Martin on epic fantasy, Kate Elliott on world building, Paolo Bacigalupi on message fiction.

Part 2 is general interview conversations (30-60 min) with emerging and established writers — often with an international bent, or from marginalized populations, but not necessarily. So far, recorded Vida Cruz and Minal Hajratwala. It’s mostly ‘writers Mary Anne thinks are interesting,’ which is a hard thing to put in a podcast name.

The plan is to put these up as podcasts, on YouTube, and on the SLF site. I need a name! Possibly two names, as the two projects are pretty distinct, though if there’s a connection between them even better.

I keep coming up with Strange New Worlds and Expanded Horizons and variations on those, but am worried that it’s too generic. (Also yes, those two are probably too close to Strange Horizons, there’s a reason we used that name initially.) Borderlands. Dream Worlds.

I’d like something more poetic, honestly, less on the nose. Driftglass? (I know it was a Delany collection, but perhaps the name could be used again at this point — we almost used it for Strange Horizons, actually.)


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