Morning lap scritches with Aryabhata

Morning lap scritches with Aryabhata. I’m moving slowly this morning — still on CA time, but managed to wake up in time to get Anand off to the bus. He really doesn’t need my help at this point — his alarm tells him when to get up, he can get everything he needs for breakfast, shoes, etc., with a second alarm to send him to the bus. But he still appreciates a mom hug before walking out the door, so up I get. Most mornings I’m not jet-lagged, so it’s not a problem, but today’s hug was a little groggy.

Today’s schedule — keep reading short stories for Salam Award (I’m the tardy juror, sigh — hope to finish them today), head to Elmhurst for pelvic biopsy (fun, sigh. probably nothing). Meet with Karen and Carly re: SLF fund drive, and I’d planned to have more written up before that meeting than I’m likely to have ready, gah. Maybe I can work a bit more in the waiting room. Meet with Stephanie re: e-mail & office backlog. Teach classes. Come home and read some more. In the evening, catch up on GBBO; I’m an episode behind.

What I want to do is bake scones. Maybe I can take ten minutes to mix them and set them going after I get back from the doctor. I did a nice batch last week (photos going soon), and they made the week more pleasant. (Speaking of baking, Margaret, I think I failed to put our meeting for this week in the calendar. Thursday?)


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