Okay, folks, so this is the BIG social media post


Okay, folks, so this is the BIG social media post, aka, what happens when Mary Anne hits her friend limit on FB.

It’s 5000, and I’m there, so I can’t accept friends anymore, which is becoming a professional problem for me, because I go to conferences, and meet people, esp. young writers, and would like to ‘friend’ them, and I can’t. SO.

I’d like to prioritize my personal page being for: family, people I actually know in Real Life (TM), writers, academics, publishing folks, arts administrators, Oak Parkers (as an elected official), other neighbors, and active and/or long-time commenters — if we’ve been exchanging comments on FB forever, please don’t free like you need to leave!

But if you aren’t in one of those groups, esp. if you honestly don’t care about being marked as a ‘friend,’ I’ll note that everything I post here is public, so you won’t miss anything by switching to follower status on my personal FB page.

If a few dozen of you could do so, that’d be swell — I’d love to maintain the ‘friend’ level here around 4900, so if I go to a convention and make a bunch of business contacts, I can easily ‘friend’ them here, which will make it easier for me to follow their work. Thank you!



Heather is going to start copying my posts basically everywhere, so hopefully everyone who wants to follow my babblings can do so with ease, in the medium of their choice. Yes, I have a Social Media Maven now.

So where else can you find me?

First, I have just now made a FB AUTHOR PAGE. We’ll copy everything I post here to that page, so if you follow it, you’ll see everything I post (or at least, as much of it as FB chooses to show you, which is a perennial problem). Generally it’ll be there within 24 hrs, because Heather is online almost as much as I am. It’s here: https://www.facebook.com/maryanneamirthimohanraj/


I also have a FB GROUP. If you’d rather be in a group, so you can chat amongst yourselves or just because you like the group interface better, go here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1468676363220193/

Maybe you’re more of a TWITTER person. That’s fine — we’re going to try decoupling the auto-posting from FB, and Heather is going to copy my posts onto Twitter, pointing to the full entries on my blog. I’m going to try to spend a little more time there too, so hope to engage more with the Twitter stream. Eep. That’s here: https://twitter.com/mamohanraj/

Wait, you said a BLOG? That thing we used to call an ‘online journal,’ back in the day? That’s right, folks, — my blog, which is the 3rd oldest on the internet, according to the Online Diary History Project, is STILL GOING, from December 1995 on. I am starting to think it (and that includes all of this nonsense) will be my most lasting literary contribution, an early chronicle of the opening up of life (and privacy) on the net, for better or worse. There was a while when I wasn’t posting to the blog very much, but now, everything I post here gets copied there. And you can even subscribe, so the posts come straight to your mailbox! You can uncouple yourself entirely from the social media vortex and still read my ramblings. The blog is here: http://maryannemohanraj.com

“Words words words, I’m so sick of words” — show me the pretty pictures! I have SO MANY pictures for you, mostly of food, flowers, #spacekittens#earthdoggo, children, and travels hither and yon. They can be found at my Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/maryannemohanraj

But Mary Anne, what if I want to throw some pennies your way for all this fabulous content? Ah, then you want to stop by PATREON and subscribe, for which I will be forever grateful — it gives me the flexibility to work on projects that aren’t necessarily commercially viable OR of interest to my university, but which I love — it also lets you join the cookbook club, which I’m a little behind on but more coming very soon, esp. gluten-free: https://www.patreon.com/mohanraj


Food, you say? Maybe you’re ONLY interested in the domestic stuff? No problem!

We’re splitting off Serendib Home (food / garden / home, so if you just want domestic posts, you can get them in these places:

Serendib Kitchen blog: http://serendibkitchen.com (also where you can still pre-order the cookbook at discounted Kickstarter prices)

Serendib Kitchen Instagram (new! will be full of pictures soon!): https://www.instagram.com/serendib_kitchen/

Serendib Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/132029834135500/

Serendib Page: https://www.facebook.com/mohanrajserendib/


Oh, one last thing — if you just want a very minimal, condensed, somewhat erratic version of all this, you can subscribe to my newsletter. We’re aiming for once a month, which would mostly be author-related content. No promises, though! It’s here: https://tinyletter.com/mohanraj

And that’s it, for now. WHEW. This has been coming for some time, and it’s honestly a relief, having it all better organized.

Must feed the social media machine. It demands continuous flow of content… 


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