Important corollary to the last post

Important corollary to the last post about hitting my FB friend limit — I’m finding that a lot of folks don’t realize what it means that I have 5000 ‘friends’. I’m not really a celebrity. An extremely minor celebrity? Not enough for the fame and fortune, but just enough that in this particular way, it’s inconvenient. It means that the raging stream of FB flows past at a remarkable rate, and that I can only dip my toe in, here and there.

I broadcast here, but I do very little reading.

So folks, especially family, please understand that there’s NO GUARANTEE that I will see something you post on FB. I probably won’t see it, in fact. If you have important news to share, or are going through a crisis, or otherwise definitely want me to know about something, I’m afraid posting to FB almost certainly won’t reach me. I’m so sorry, but I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it.

I do try to check Jed’s and Kevin’s and my siblings’ feeds directly, every few days. Beyond that, I’m at capacity, I think. So, my dearest intimates, old friends, neighbors and colleagues, etc., PLEASE e-mail / message / call / tag me in if you want me to see a post or know about something going on with you. Otherwise you are going to think that I am just cruel and callous and blithely choosing to ignore this major thing in your life, and that isn’t the case — I just won’t have seen it!


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