Have been running a little too hard

Have been running a little too hard for a few days — finishing novel bleeding into yesterday’s start of semester and last night’s monthly library board meeting bleeding into today’s kids’ starting school — all that means that I’ve been going straight through from dawn to dusk for a few days, and it’s not done yet. I’m awake, but just barely.

Looking at calendar, I get a break for brunch today with a visiting friend (Nilofer’s in town!), and then an hour clear in late afternoon, and then a few unscheduled hours Thurs morning, and then I’m out of town for three days, which will be lovely (my sister’s 40th birthday), but also I had better nap on the plane….

(Next week is quieter, thankfully.)

Okay, next steps: finish coffee, make quesadilla for Anand, transfer school supplies from big box into IKEA blue bags for ease of carrying, get dressed enough to drive Anand to school, sew straps for Kavi’s first day of school dress. Um, that’s a lot to do in 30 minutes. Better get moving.


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