Have somehow been in meetings all day


Oof, tired. Have somehow been in meetings or running pretty much all day, and pretty soon I fall down go boom. But I did another round of edits on Feast and Jeremy implemented them and Heather is uploading it so that as soon as they approve it we can order ARCS, whee! getting very very close to done, and I got the kids to the new dentist that they really like and there’s nothing actually wrong with their teeth which is good, and we got lots done for Maram, including starting on our next grant application, and I had a library board meeting where we also got lots done, and I managed to post SOME of the photos that have been backlogged on which was bugging me and I didn’t write any fiction but I read some more feedback from beta readers who are loving the draft so feeling enthused about going back to it tomorrow and I cleaned up and organized the guest room and answered a bunch of e-mail and now I just have a few more things to do before sleep — start the Kickstarter conversation with the SLF volunteers, hang up some saris, and post a reminder about tomorrow’s writing retreat.

Sitting in a chair tomorrow for 4 hours and writing fiction sounds perfect.

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