I was in heavy revision mode yesterday

I was heavy in revision mode yesterday, and revised an entire chapter, which is great, but pretty much neglected all paperwork, and as a result, am drowning in paperwork today. But getting through. It helps that we have Maram retreat today, and Julie has come over and is steadily working on her novel, which is helping me keep on track.

The day started with trying something new with the kids — we sketched out some tasks they need to do before having access to electronics. The goals were very small to start out with, and they knocked them out in about two hours, but we’re planning to increase that. We typed it up and added their regular family chores too; as they get older, we’re trying to have them take on more of those.

To help motivate, I added some of my own for checking off, and Kevin is going to do the same. We’ll see how it goes! I’m hoping this will help give them the tools for them to be able to manage the temptations of electronics on their own, once they leave home, along with household management skills. We’ll see!

Other than that, leaving message for plumber (leaks, sigh), asking around to try to find a good dentist for the kids who takes Delta Dental (any tips welcome — I’m having a hard time finding anyone in Oak Park), reviewing tasks with Heather, planning things for Maram and the SLF. If you’d like to help out with the upcoming Kickstarter, leave your e-mail below, please! I’m going to e-mail all the volunteers tomorrow morning, and set things in motion. Eep.

Now I need to contact Pem re: Feast publicity plan, and then type up Maram notes before our 3 p.m. meeting. First, coffee, though. Definitely need coffee.

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