Work while supervising kids at home over summer

Hm. So far, the ‘work while supervising kids at home over summer and denying them internet’ is only somewhat effective. Yesterday I got a fair bit done, when it was just them. We didn’t make it to the library, because I wasn’t sure Anand was up to that long a walk, but we did do park and walk on Marion and getting ice cream for first day of summer, and they were off devices for about 8 hours, and both fell asleep hard and fast at 9:30, so I think I can call that a success.

Today, they have three friends over, which has necessitated some conversations at the park about appropriate treatment of younger kids, etc., and also some time prepping lunch for them.

Also, the internet at the park is not great, and we ended up spending two hours there — I should’ve just brought a book or planned to write, rather than trying to do net-based work. It’s okay — I’ll get the hang of this. It’s a learning process. Overall, my kids are having a much better time with friends over than just on their own, I think, so I’m hoping we can do this at least two days / week.

Next, have them clean up lunch, then two of the kids head home, and I take three kids to the pool for the afternoon. I think Rehm — hoping I can set up a laptop under an umbrella’d table and work for a few hours? Locals, is that feasible, or am I fooling myself? Is Ridgeland better for that?

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