I really really want the semester to be done

I really really want the semester to be done and all my urgent computer things to be done so I can switch into summer mode and actually start writing fiction again and reading and gardening and napping, but the urgent computer things aren’t done yet and it’s kind of putting me in a terrible mood.

The semester really isn’t over yet (not for another week), but I WANT it to be. (I did spend 20 minutes sitting on the porch reading yesterday. That was nice.)

I managed to spend a few hours working on the Kickstarter survey with Heather yesterday, but otherwise couldn’t make myself do much of anything on the computer — I spent the rest of the day putting the first floor of the house in order (sorely needed) and running errands to Home Depot and Target. Today, although there is still plenty more to organize upstairs, I have GOT to make myself do computer work.

So, a list. It’s a stupidly long list, but is for the whole week, not just today.


– send formatter Chris the revised manuscript
– fill out ReaderCon panel form
– fill out WorldCon form, if there is one?
– do overdue Digital Measures for university
– pay Jaggery authors who need checks mailed
– pay parking ticket and any other bills
– check to make sure all the students handed in everything final that was due yesterday & send query e-mails to those who didn’t
– confirm all set for Nebulas trip to L.A. next week (get sari blouse made? see if Lisette is available to meet up?)
– prep for Maram meeting tonight
– pay Maram instructors once Amanda gets me final numbers
– check and confirm that all Maram instructors were paid for last workshop

– get a few volunteers to look at draft of Kickstarter survey and tell us if all the questions make sense
– make and print recipe cards
– decide if making promo items for Perennial / The Stars Change
– check e-mail for any Feast-related promo tasks

– send George second pitch
– send Marco expanded pitch
– revise opening to Nalvarum and send to WisCon crit group
– post remaining Sri Lanka pics (almost done)
– write second Sri Lanka history piece

– plant azalea, pear tree, cherry tree, dogwood
– plant pale blue creeping phlox and pink forget-me-not
– identify and plant remaining natives
– clean up backyard
– weed and mulch garden (Chris)

– prep for Yudhanjaya Wijeratne arriving Wed @ 2 (see if Alec Nevala-Lee, Michael Moreci will be joining us for Deep Dish — if not, maybe we can do a SF writers meet-up in Oak Park sometime in next few days?)

– prep for hosting writing workshop on Wednesday evening
– prep for hosting Deep Dish on Thursday evening
– prep for hosting OPALGA potluck on Friday evening
– prep for hosting Sri Lankan potluck on Saturday afternoon

– put away laundry
– straighten up second floor
– transfer all my car stuff from one car to the other
– take Kia in for estimate and repairs (Chris)
– get Kia cleaned

– grade final portfolios and papers (by next Tuesday)

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