What is the role of the diaspora in moments like this?

What is the role of the diaspora in moments like this? I’m trying to amplify sourcelander voices as I can — though with the social media ban, very little is coming through, except from a few of my more techie friends using VPNs. I’m trying to only disseminate accurate information — triple-checking sources, avoiding repeating anything that seems like it might be partisan.

I don’t know what to think of the curfew and the social media ban, honestly. While the curtailing of freedom of movement and freedom of speech is always deeply concerning, the government is in the midst of an active situation, with perpetrators still to be identified. Rumor and misinformation can so easily feed humanity’s worst impulses — I’ve already started seeing vehement anti-Muslim rhetoric on some sites, and anti-Buddhist, and anti-foreigner.

Mostly, we hold Sri Lanka in our hearts, hoping for a swift resolution to this, hoping for peace.

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