Self-care note: Signed up for Headspace meditation app again. I stopped last spring when my free trial ran out, but I think the lack of meditation became clear in my stressed-out fall, and apparently I need the structure of an app at least for now, so have shelled out $100 for the year to use it. I am trying to prioritize budgeting for things that qualify as health-related, and putting them ahead of material purchases like books and clothes and such.
Health comes first (I can hear my doctor dad saying, “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything”), which at least this year, is going to include meditation as well as doctors and meds and exercise and all that. Yoga too, because gods, I need to stretch. Every damn day. Dana Steinhoff had us doing meditation and stretching during our game design retreat, and it was SO HELPFUL and SO NEEDED and yet I wouldn’t have done it on my own. I ought to start every day with meditation and stretches, instead of lying in bed doing e-mail (or Facebook-ing).
The physical therapist who looked at the knee I injured said that the main problem was that my leg muscles were so tight that I was putting extra strain on them. This is not surprising. I went for a massage about two weeks ago, the first in three months or so, and the poor masseuse said that she was going to have to convert it to a deep tissue massage, because the knots in my back were so tight that a regular Swedish massage wouldn’t cut it.
If I can figure out a way to budget for regular massages, that will be in there too. I suspect ‘make more money’ is the only way that will happen, though. At least my YMCA gym membership is free these days, thanks to the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s program for cancer survivors. It helps.

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