Mid December

I had four BIG things to do this week before leaving for Sri Lanka on Sunday:
– finish semester grading — DONE, WOOHOO!
– finish Wild Cards story revision — DONE, ALSO WOOHOO! (though I really had to go lock myself in the shed to make myself finish — Ellie just came and whined at the door until I let her in for a bit, and then sniffed all around as if to say, well, this is interesting, but shouldn’t you be in bed?)
– finish maker space grant draft, due at the end of the year, but I really really want to hand it in before I leave the country, so this Saturday — getting close to done
– make Christmas (we’re celebrating early on the 23rd) — also getting close to done; most of the presents bought, with just Christmas cards to write and presents to wrap and maybe a photo album to make, but that can wait if necessary…
I think it’s all do-able, and I even think I get to rest and relax some in the next three days? Maybe? We’ll see. Kevin and I have some thought of going to see the Spiderman movie. We invited the kids, but Anand doesn’t like sitting through theater movies, and Kavi doesn’t feel strongly, so it’ll probably be just us. If we do it. We’ll see!
In excellent news, Karina was able to get away from work long enough to join us on the trip. So it’ll be me, Kavi, Jed, and Karina traipsing around Sri Lanka this time. Funfun.
I am irritatingly insecure about being on video, but I am semi-determined to get over it this time, so I can show you Sri Lanka a little better than just through my photos. We’ll see. Hopefully, some video clips will be coming your way next week…

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