Is the best feeling in the world a cancelled meeting that lets you skip the commute for a day? I think it might be.
Still masses of computer work to do today, but it is bliss being able to do it in cozy socks and cardie, with the washing machine and dishwasher going.
Plan for today, in vague order of importance:
– write one last scene for Wild Cards story
– write grant application due today
– send money to family member
– pay tree guys
– phone conference with independent study student
– grade and prep for the week’s classes
– process a few hundred e-mails
– catch up on Inktober
– catch up on Patreon posts
– work on Le Guin essay
– start re-reading Nora Jemisin‘s Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, preparatory to teaching it next week
– make egg bite breakfasts for next three weeks and freeze some
– cook something nice for dinner (so hectic last week, didn’t get to cook at all, and I miss it)
– sort winter coats and make sure we’re prepped
– take Kavi to and from soccer practice
– attend Friends of the Library monthly meeting (part of trustee duties)

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