Typical Tuesday

Went to rep assembly training for the faculty union today; I feel somewhat more competent in explaining why our union is essential for giving faculty a voice in university governance. Yay, training, yay, unions, yay, labor. Let’s work on equity pay, salary compression, and merit increases, shall we? Commensurate to cost of living in a major urban area, and adjusting for mostly stagnant wages of the last decade? Yes, let’s.

On to classes — this afternoon, I get to teach Delany’s Tales of Neveryon, meet with an independent study student about her fiction, teach my fiction workshop.

Then home, where I will help Kavi practice for her voice lesson tomorrow and also have a family conversation about electronics and how to better manage it — with the new cell phone + increased demands of chaotic middle school, Kavi’s having some trouble, but that’s a conversation for another post, so hold those thoughts; I’ll be back on that shortly.

Then duck over to my doctor’s appointment to get an actual prescription for my trial of ADD meds. Anand is being evaluated by the psychologist on Friday, and I need to schedule Kavi to be evaluated as well. AND set them up with a new doctor under their new health insurance. Also, she probably needs braces. Step by step by step…

(Tomorrow afternoon, I get to write fiction again. I can see it, hazy in the distance…)

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